2017 Colfax Focus:

Revitalization of Colfax Avenue began 30 years ago. And the results show, with popular new businesses, restaurants, music venues and more. We serve some 75,000 neighbors and up to 50,000 daily transit riders when Bus Rapid Transit starts.


But the street is not built for people. It's built to move cars and busses efficiently and quickly. So it should be no surprise that Colfax is now the city's top crash corridor, with 10 pedestrian deaths in 2015-2016.


We must act now to make Colfax safe and comfortable for everyone who uses it. The Colfax Collaborative is proposing $20 million in general bond improvements in the four districts, from Monaco Parkway to Sheridan Boulevard, including:

  • Pedestrian safety enhancements

  • Landscaping and green space

  • Sidewalk improvements

  • Unit pavers at intersections

  • Pedestrian lights

  • Signalized pedestrian crossings

  • New benches & trash receptacles

Click here for a summary of our plans and why they should be on the city's bond list.

"Colfax Frogger" photo cred: WALKDENVER

What's Next

The Colfax Corridor Pedestrian Improvements project is being reviewed by city General Obligation Bond committees. A recommended list of projects will be submitted to the Mayor in June, and to City Council in July. There will be a public vote on the final bond package in November.

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